HB 016P

This apparatus is for a study of velocity distribution across pipe section for a water flow in pipe, and for measurement of flow velocity. It is to be used with HB 100 Hydraulics Bench (separately supplied).

The apparatus consists of a total head tube and a static head tube for the Pitot, clear acrylic pipe, inlet and outlet, and an inclined manometer. The total head tube can be moved up or down vertically with a scale for indication of the tube position. Differential pressure is measured by an multiple inclination manometer.

Acrylic tube : 34 mm. diameter.
Total head probe : 1 ea.
Inclined water manometer : 0-450 x 1 mm graduation.
Net (unpacked) shipping dimensions WxLxH : 36 x 82 x 19 cm
Net weight : Approx. 2 kg