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This is a basic unit for studying of tray drying by hot air. 

The unit consists of a rectangular duct.  Air is drawn into the duct by an axial flow fan with guide vane, wire mesh screen and flow strengthener at the front end of the duct.  Fan speed is adjustable.  A bank of electric heaters behind the fan raises air temperature. Behind the heater is a drying compartment with transparent access door. A rack of trays is suspended from a balance above the duct.  Temperatures and humidity before and after the drying trays are measured.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Tray drier drying curves.

  • Effect of particle size.

  • Effect of air velocity.

  • Effect of air temperature.

  • Drying section
:  350 x 350 mm
  • Fan
- Capacity:  ……..kW
  • Heater capacity
:  3 kw, variable
  • Trays
:  4
  • Tray capacity
:  3 kg of solids (approx.)
  • Measuring instruments
- Sampling weigh:  Digital balance
- Air velocity:  Anemometer
- Temperature-Humidity measurement:  Portable thermo-hygrometer
  • Power supply
:  220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
  • Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH: 60 x 250 x 120 cm
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 240 kg
  • CF210-001
Heater power          : Watt or voltage and current digital display for heater power measurement.
  • CF210-050
Computer Interface (computer not included)
                                      This includes CF210S and significant sensor(s) instead of analog measuring instrument(s), data acquisition (capture, display, graph and/or data export), additional software function for real-time data logging with computer interface unit and WiFi feature for data logging and real-time display remotely on smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • CF210S 
Learning Software
                                       to support both online/offline training with data calculation and analysis by manual data entry from analog measuring instruments.