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This beam apparatus is of a universal design for use in a wide range of beam experiments with simple, built-in and sinking supports measuring of, point loads, support reactions and beam deflections.

The beam frame consists of a stainless steel angle upper cross member and two aluminum profile lower cross members, bolted to the support columns with footings.  Three spring load cells with height adjustment and a cantilever support can slide along the lower members and can be clamped at any point.  Dial indicators can slide along the upper member and can be clamped at any point.  Linear scale is attached to the upper member to indicate the positions of load cells, loads, supports and dial indicators.

      The spring load cell has a hardened steel tube sliding in a bushing with hardened steel knife edge on top of the tube.  The tube rests on a coil spring on a lead screw which provides direct load reading via a dial indicator.  The height of the knife edge can be fixed at any position by a wing bolt.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Deflection of beams with various supports and point loads.

  • Deflection of cantilever beam

  • Determination of flexural rigidity and elastic modulus.

  • Verification of static equilibrium.

  • Verification of the bending equation M/I = E/R

  • Beams with sinking supports.

  • Statically indeterminate beam with different loadings and supports.

  • Supporting frame
:  Aluminum profile and stainless-steel angle 1400 mm. long
  • ST 124 Vertical force spring support
:  3
  • ST 112 Built-in knife edge support       
:  1
  • Weight hangers
:  4
  • Weights
:  1 lot
  • Beam length
:  1200 mm
  • Beam materials
-   Mild steel:  3
-   Aluminum and brass:  1
  • ST 131 Dial indicators
:  3x 0-20 mm range, 0.01 mm graduation
  • Net (unpacked) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH: 15 x 140 x 70 cm
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 55 kg
  • Beams of other sizes and materials can be supplied on request.

  • TM415-050      Computer Interface (computer not included)

    This includes TM415S and significant sensor(s) instead of analog measuring instrument(s), data acquisition (capture, display, graph and/or data export), additional software function for real-time data logging with computer interface unit and WiFi feature for data logging and real-time display remotely on smartphone (iOS and Android)

  • Other optional equipment, please contact manufacturer ([email protected])

  • TM415S
Learning Software
                                       to support both online/offline training with data calculation and analysis by manual data entry from analog measuring instruments.