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This bench top apparatus is used for studying buckling on struts under various end conditions.

The apparatus consists of two vertical columns where load is applied by a screw via a sliding support. Strut support for knife edge or built-in is a cylinder in a socket. Each strut has end conditions for knife-edge or built-in. Load on the strut is measured by a load cell and deflection is measured by a dial gauge. Side loading is by a weight hanger and weights. Height of loading beam is adjustable to accommodate different strut lengths.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Determination of flexural rigidity and comparison with theoretical value.

  • Determination of flexural rigidity under different end conditions.

  • Determination of load VS deflection and crippling loads for strut of different

       lengths and cross sections.

  • Effects of side load and eccentric loading.

  • Basic frame
:  2 columns and sliding cross member with loading screw.
  • Maximum strut length
:  750 mm
  • Load measurement
:  Force digital display
  • Dial gauge
:  0-20 mm. x 0.01 mm. graduation.
  • Weight hanger
  • Weights
:  1 lot.
  • Strut supports         
:  2 Knife edges
 :  2 Built-in
  • Struts specimens with knife edge ends:
- Mild steel:  6 ea. different lengths.
- Aluminium and brass:  Thickness (approx.) 6 mm, Width (approx.) 19 mm, Length: 750 mm
  • Power supply
:   220V, 1Ph, 50Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
  • Net (unpacked) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH: 25 x 25 x 105 cm
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 20 kg
  • Struts of other sizes and materials are available on request.

  • TM411-050    Computer Interface (computer not included)

                            This includes TM411S and significant sensor(s) instead of analog measuring instrument(s), data acquisition (capture, display, graph and/or data export), additional software function for real-time data logging with computer interface unit and WiFi feature for data logging and real-time display remotely on smartphone (iOS and Android)

  • Other optional equipment, please contact manufacturer

  • TM411S
Learning Software
                                       to support both online/offline training with data calculation and analysis by manual data entry from analog measuring instruments.