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HP 405 MULTI PUMP TEST SET, Motor Dynamometer




This is a self-contained bench top set for studying the characteristics for various types of pumps.

The unit consists of four different types of pumps namely-centrifugal, turbine, reciprocating and axial flow pump, a common storage tank and measuring instruments. Each pump is driven by a motor dynamometer for measuring TRUE pump input power. Speed control is by an inverter. By manipulating flow control valves and a selector switch, each pump can be operated individually.

Instruction manual is also included.

  • Flow rate vs head at various speeds

  • Pump input, output, and true efficiency at various speeds

  • Effect of pulse chamber for reciprocating pump

  • Pump
- Centrifugal:  Maximum flow rate 80 LPM and maximum head 18 m water
- Turbine:  Maximum flow rate 30 LPM and maximum head 30 m water
- Reciprocating:  With reduction gear
 :  Maximum flow rate 15 LPM and maximum head 30 m water
- Axial flow:  69 mm in with metal impeller, guide vanes, shaft and casing
 :  Maximum flow rate 400 LPM and maximum differential head 1.5 m water
  • Accessories
- Reciprocating pump:  Dash pot for dynamometer arm damping
 :  Pulse chambers with discharge isolating valve
 :  Pressure relief valve
  • Water storage tank
:  1
  • Speed control
:  Inverter for controlling pump speeds alternatively by selector switch
  • Motor dynamometer for all pumps

  • Selector switch

:  For operations of each pump alternatively

  • Measuring instruments
- Pressures:  Pressure gauge for centrifugal, turbine and reciprocating pumps at common suction and outlet
 :  Differential pressure gauge for axial flow pump
- Flow rate:  Water meter and stop watch for centrifugal, turbine and reciprocating pumps
- Sensors with digital display:  Speeds for each motor dynamometer
 :  Torques for each motor dynamometer
 :  Flow rate for axial flow pump
  • Power supply
:  220 V, 1 Ph, 50 Hz. Other power supply is available on request.
  • Net (unassembled) Shipping Dimensions WxLxH: 85 x 155 x 85 cm
  • Net Weight:  Approx. 185 kg
  • HP405S
Learning Software
 to support both online/offline training with data calculation and analysis by manual data entry from analog measuring instruments.
  • MW102M-300
Mercury manometer for axial flow pump, 300 mm x 1 mm graduation instead of differential pressure gauge
 Note:   Due to transport laws, mercury cannot be supplied. Buyer must source it locally. Approximately 25 mL or 350g is required. Filling kit is provided.
  • HP405-011
Additional pressure gauges for individual pump
  • HP405-030
Additional centrifugal pump, pressure gauges and other accessories for series and parallel operation
  • HP405-050
Computer Interface (computer not included)
                            This includes HP405S and significant sensor(s) instead of analog measuring instrument(s), data acquisition (capture, display, graph and/or data export), additional software function for real-time data logging with computer interface unit and WiFi feature for data logging and real-time display remotely on smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • Other pump combinations can be arranged on request.
  • Other optional equipment, please contact manufacturer ([email protected])
HP405SLearning Software
                            to support both online/offline training with data calculation and analysis by manual data entry from analog measuring instruments.